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A board game by Thomas Rasche
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Regati Board Game

Regati Game (please select p+p)

Regati  is a sailing race game...
a board game of skill, luck and strategy!

Up to ten players can all race a ship against each other around the board. Choose the best course from the starting line, around the buoys and Windy Point, to be the first to cross the finishing line.

But, you can only sail as the wind speed and direction lets you, and the wind direction changes...

Sailing moves have realistic speeds due to the wind direction, with six points of sail to the wind. So, for example, reaching across the wind is your fastest course, as is tacking to take you upwind. Your ship may block other ships...and watch out for the wind shadows!

You can also sail as teams and you can organise a regatta (multiple sail races).

Pieces include:
10x wooden ships, 10x colours
1x wind wheel
1x dice
6x buoys
A folding board
A durable box

Game play: ~45min.
Suitable for 8+ years.

Collection from Brislington, Bristol, UK.
Exact address and contact details on return website after successful payment.


Regati Board Game-Box

Regati Board Game-Board

The origins of Regati  started about 20 years ago when Thomas developed the first ideas. It has changed and developed through various iterations since then. It is now a game that works well in many ways: for different numbers of players, for time it takes to play the game, for clarity and simplicity to understand, the requirement for clever thinking and tactics, a bit of luck, and the game is fun for everyone to play!

After such a long time, I'm now delighted to have this version available for you...