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The project to return a DD2 crane to Bristol City Docks...


Let’s bring a historic DD2 crane to Bristol City Docks...

A DD2 crane by Stothert & Pitt, can be brought to Bristol City Docks from Avonmouth before it gets scrapped. It can be located on the quay at Wapping Wharf, where DD2s used to stand. When there, it can be decommissioned. and converted to a viewing platform...

The stairways are enclosed, so are suited to a conversion, making them safe to use and enjoy. The area on top of the cab is very high- enough to make it into a popular viewing platform. It can become a destination, from which you look over the whole of the Floating Harbour. A location where you can see from Temple Meads, past SSGB, to the suspension bridge... all Brunel's works from one central location. The engine room is the size of a living room, enough to give talks, an exhibition, a cafe...

Similar examples include:
• Crane Hotel, Harlingen, NL
• Glasgow's Titan Eye (art centre)
• Crane hotel, Pllek Beach, Amsterdam, NL
• London Eye (viewing point)

• Crane available immediately
• Planning permission
• Foundation rails already exist
• Cost: est. £80K locate/refirb
• Energy self-sufficient

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20th May 2015
Wapping Crane project mentioned in Bristol Civic Societies' Better Bristol MagazineSpring 2015 edition.

27th February 2015
Outline Planning submitted with Bristol City Council, ref: PP-04014924


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